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Netflix vs Blockbuster

Netflix has faced many competitors, but none gave the company as much trouble as Blockbuster. In this episode, we continue Netflix's story and how Blockbuster almost came from behind to topple Netflix's DVD rental service.

TechStuff Classic: Can we stop an asteroid from hitting Earth?

Could we blow up an asteroid like in the movie Armageddon? Join Jonathan and Chris as they tackle what may become one of Earth's most important questions: What do we need to do to be better prepared for an asteroid impact?

Netflix's Early Years

In our continuation of the story of Netflix, we look at how the young company changed dramatically over the first few years of its existence.

The Netflix Story

Listener Kevin wants to know the story behind the company that buried Blockbuster. In this episode, we look at the early years of Netflix and how it weathered some rough times to get a foothold.

The Nvidia Story So Far

We continue our look at the company that created the term GPU. How did Nvidia rise to dominance after such an uncertain start?

Graphics and Nvidia

Nvidia is a company perhaps best known for its graphics processing units. Where did it come from and how has it impacted computing? A request from listener Matthew.

Techstuff Classic: Eureka Archimedes

Who was Archimedes, and what did he actually invent? Join Chris and Jonathan as they take a closer look at the works of Archimedes -- including his historically famous, controversial death ray design.

TechStuff Goes Dark

What is the dark web? What is its purpose? What sort of stuff is on there? We shine the light on a dark topic, as requested by listener Tyler.

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

In early 2018, the data analysis and marketing firm Cambridge Analytica came under fire in both the United States and the United Kingdom for different reasons. What exactly happened and how have things changed as a result?

The Founding of Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica made headlines multiple times during its relatively short history. Where did the company come from and what did it have to do with Facebook?

Silencing the Echo Chamber

We've changed the way we get information, and that has changed our perceptions of the world. How have echo chambers formed through tech and what can you do to make sure you're not just getting the information that confirms your perspective?

TechStuff Classic: What are QR Codes?

How do QR codes store information? What’s the difference between a QR code and a barcode? Why did it take so long for QR codes to take off? Join Chris and Jonathan as they break down QR codes in this podcast.

Three Nuclear Disasters

What happened at the nuclear power plants at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima? What did we learn from those disasters? And how bad were they?

The Hot Take on Cold Fusion

Cold fusion would transform our world in ways we can't even imagine. Is it really possible? Jonathan explores the science to find the answer.

How a Fusion Reactor Would Work

Nuclear power can generate a lot of electricity, but fission brings with it some drawbacks. What if we used fusion? We look at the difference between the two processes and learn about attempts to harness the power of the stars.

How Nuclear Power Plants Work

How does a fission-based nuclear reactor work? What are some of the proposed modifications of this technology that could potentially make it a more attractive way to generate electricity?

TechStuff Classic: How Sonar Works

Sonar uses sound to gauge the distance between objects. Although most people associate sonar with submarines, humans use sonar for a lot more than underwater navigation. In this episode, Jonathan and Chris take a look at the mechanics behind sonar.

The Decline and Fall of Pebble

Just a few short years after it burst on the scene with an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Pebble company fell apart. What happened and what did we learn?

The Origin of Pebble

Where did the Pebble Smartwatch come from? We look at the story behind one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Web Analytics and Your Data

How much of your personal information gets collected on the Web? Can you protect your information from prying eyes? And should you?