TechStuff ReRun: The Wonderful World of Audio Animatronics

Jonathan is about to head to Walt Disney World (he'll be back by the time this publishes). But he doesn't want to leave you without an episode, so here's one about Disney's audio animatronics from the archive!

Is it really possible for a machine to achieve consciousness? What does consciousness even mean? From philosophy to technological obstacles, we look at the problems and possibilities.

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Rides in Electric Cars

How do electric motors work? Are electric vehicles a new idea? Why aren't there more electric vehicles on the road today? Join Jonathan and Chris as they power through the past, present and possible future of electric vehicles.

The Modern Submarine

How did the modern submarine develop? What kind of technology is on a submarine? How do they navigate? 

TechStuff Dives into Submarines

How do submarines work? When were they invented? In this episode, we explore the truths (and myths) about the origin of submarines.

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Gets an ESRB Rating

What is the ESRB? What procedure does the ESRB follow to rate games? What do the different ratings mean? Join the guys as they demystify the inner workings of the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

TechStuff Takes a Gander at Propaganda

The University of Oxford Computational Propaganda Research Project issued a report on how countries around the world are manipulating people with misinformation. What's YOUR country up to?

TechStuff Looks through a Telescope

From the physics of light to ingenious uses of a mirror, we look at the history of telescopes and how they work.

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Jumps From Space

How did the Stratos jump work? What sort of technology was inside the capsule? How did Felix's suit work? Join Jonathan and Chris as they leap into the tech behind this groundbreaking jump.

Introducing: Behind the Influence

Pop Culture expert Tatiana Carrier introduces Behind the Influence, an interview series featuring the world’s most influential streamers, Youtubes, tech giants, and everything in between.  Listen now at: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-behind-the-influence-49377031/episode/behind-the-influence-trailer-49377033/