Addicted to Tech

Is technology addictive? In this episode, we look at how some psychological studies in the mid 20th century would form the foundation for app design.

Introducing Ephemeral

Lost materials, dropped threads, forgotten stories. Ephemera in the way that it’s intertwined in our lives. All those things, tangible and intangible, that you wish you could take just one more look at before they vanish into the past. Listen wherever podcasts are found and learn more at www.ephemeral.show 

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Clicks on Web Ads

How does Web advertising compare to traditional advertising? What do the terms CPM, CPA and CPC mean? How do affiliate programs work? Join Chris and Jonathan as they explore the nuts and bolts of online advertising.

All Broken Up About Facebook

On May 9, 2019, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times calling for the US government to break up Facebook into three smaller companies. What's the story behind this and is Hughes right?

The Black Box Problem

A black box in tech is something that hides how it works away from view or understanding, and it can cause big problems. This episode is about critical thinking and unrealistic expectations.

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Plays the Slot Machines

How did the earliest slot machines work? How do modern slot machines use random number generators? Where are you more likely to find slot machines that pay out frequently? Listen in as Chris and Jonathan explain the science behind slot machines.

Behind the Jargon of the Film Industry

What's the difference between a Gaffer and the Best Boy? What do all the roles on a movie set actually mean? We look at the tech and terminology of film sets.

How Google Won the Search War

Before Google, there were half a dozen search engines to choose from. What happened to them? How did Google pass them by to become a multibillion dollar company?

TechStuff Classic:TechStuff Mines Some Asteroids

Why would we want to mine asteroids? How might we manage the mining operation? What is Planetary Resource's plan? Join Chris and Jonathan as they explore mining asteroids.

Droning about Drone Regulations

Recently, Alphabet company Wing received FAA approval for Air Carrier status. What does that mean? And what are the regulations about drones?