TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Stares at OLEDs

What is an OLED? How do OLED displays work? How do they compare to other display technologies? Join Chris and Jonathan as they break down the nuts and bolts of OLED displays in this episode.

Social Networks that Didn't Make It

For every Facebook and Twitter, there are half a dozen failed social networks that didn't survive to today. We look back on a few of them. Myspace Not Included.


Before there was YouTube, there was Quicktime. How did a project inside Apple become a dominant standard for computer-based video playback and more?

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Spies on the U-2

Why did the United States develop the U-2? What connection does the U-2 have to Area 51? Why hasn’t the U-2 been retired yet? Join Chris and Jonathan as they put themselves in the minds of master spies in this episode of TechStuff.

How Clean Coal Works

Is there such a thing as clean coal? In this episode, we look at the technologies designed to reduce the environmental impact of burning coal and ask if it makes sense to use coal at all.

TechStuff Does the Robot

Adam Doud of Android Authority joins the show to talk about the robots he saw at CES 2019. 

Research Revealed at Think 2019

At the 5 in 5 presentation at Think 2019, five presenters talked about how technology can improve practically everything about the way we grow, process, deliver and consume food. From harvests to recycling, we learn how technology can make us more responsible and efficient.

Being Open at Think 2019

What does open source mean and why would IBM's strategy revolve around it? From the acquisition of Red Hat to supporting humanitarian hacking efforts, we look at why IBM is embracing open source.

Cloudy With a Chance of IBM Think 2019

Cloud computing can be a confusing topic. It gets even trickier when you start talking about hybrid clouds. What's going on with cloud computing and how is IBM positioning itself to lead the way?

AI at IBM Think 2019

IBM has a long history with artificial intelligence competing against human beings. Deep Blue mastered Chess, Watson scored big on Jeopardy and now Project Debater is arguing against human champions. We look at some of IBM's latest AI efforts.