Right Now in Techstuff

In this episode, we explore the history of industrialization in China and ask why are so many electronics assembled there. 

TechStuff Classic: How Hand-drawn Animation Works

What's the process of animating a film with hand-drawn animation? Who patented the process of cel-based animation? What was Disney's multiplane camera? Join Jonathan and Chris as they ink the answers to these questions and more.

The GE of Today

Tragedies and financial crises turned what used to be General Electric's strengths into liabilities. In this episode, we learn how the once dominant company began to struggle and why some think its heading for insolvency.

GE and the House That Jack Built

After World War II, General Electric would grow rapidly to the point of bloat. Then a man named Jack Welch took over as CEO and made some big changes. What was Welch's legacy?

TechStuff Classic: How DNA Computers Work

How can a DNA sequence represent digital information? How dense is the data storage with DNA? What could be the future of computers with DNA? Join Jonathan and Chris as they delve into the depths and future of DNA and computing.

GE Through World War II

In its first few decades, General Electric would grow into an enormous company with incredible influence in the United States. In this episode, we see how that played out leading up to and through World War II.

The Founding of G&E

General Electric has been around for more than 100 years. It's recently been in a bit of a slump. How did this company get started?

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Gets Salty

What is desalination? What are some of the methods used to get salt out of water? Why isn't desalination in wider use? Join Jonathan and Chris as they explore the tech behind desalination in this episode with Erik Hanson of General Electric.

Shh! The Tech is Listening!

Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook have all admitted to using humans to listen to user audio for various reasons. But how far does this go? Is your tech actually eavesdropping on you?

Formula 1 - 101

Scott Benjamin joins the show to talk about the history and tech behind Formula 1 race cars. What sets them apart?

Techstuff Classic: TechStuff Looks at Password Security

Why should password security be a top concern? What can you do to make your passwords safe? What constitutes a strong password? Join Chris and Jonathan as they give you the tips and tricks you'll need to keep your passwords secure.

Introducing: Hush Money

Let’s talk about money — but not *boring* money. Entrepreneur editor-in-chief Jason Feifer and money expert Nicole Lapin go straight at the most taboo, awkward situations where money impacts our lives, relationships, and careers. In each episode they debate the trickiest questions, offering genuine financial advice about typically hush-hush issues. Then they bring in a celebrity judge to decide who’s right.

Episode 1 of Hush Money is available. Listen here

Video Game Tech '89

What was the cutting edge in video game technology 30 years ago? Jonathan arbitrarily chooses to talk about outdated video game tech. 

Update E Scooters

A year ago, we talked about electric scooters and how they rapidly spread to several major cities with dockless sharing programs. What's the grumpy old man podcaster got to say about this?

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Looks at the LHC

What does the Large Hadron Collider do? How large is it? What is the LHC looking for? Listen in and get the scoop on the Large Hadron Collider with Chris and Jonathan.

Can I Read Your Mind

What is a brain-computer interface and how does it work? Why is Elon Musk interested in them? And is Facebook really going to read your mind?

The Death of 3D Television

For years, television manufacturers were pushing 3D features on TV sets. By 2017, all major companies had stopped trying. What happened with 3D TV?

TechStuff Classic: More Data, More Problems

How did journalist Mat Honan get hacked? What is social engineering? How can you protect yourself against hackers? In this episode, Chris and Jonathan examine how criminals can access your data -- and how to protect your information from hackers.

Odd, Silly and Unnecessary Inventions

We can thank geniuses for the development of stuff like radios, television and electricity. But what about the pocket fisherman? We explore the lighter side of invention.

Boeing and the Commercial Jet Age

After introducing the 707, Boeing began to manufacture many more commercial jets. Some would become iconic in the aviation industry. And the 737 MAX would end up creating a huge problem for the company.