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How the Facebook Redesign Works

Facebook is a social networking site. It was created for Harvard students but has expanded to an open membership. Learn about Facebook, it's network and new redesign in this HowStuffWorks podcast.

How Twitter Works

In May of 2008, Twitter received another 15 million dollars in venture capital funding. This increase reflects the growing interest in micro blogging -- messages with 160 characters or less. Check out our HowStuffWorks article to learn more about Twitter.

How Mp3 Files Work

Certain parts of a song can be eliminated without significantly lowering the song's quality. The MP3 does not sound exactly the same as the original CD song. Check out our HowStuffWorks article to learn more about MP3 files and audio quality.

How Cloud Computing Works

Cloud computing allows users to store data on other computers or servers. For example, web-based applications are a form of cloud computing. Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast to learn more about cloud computing.

How the iPhone Works

The new Apple iPhone has several advantages, including a GPS and 3G capacity. However, the iPhone is far from perfect, and still has some disadvantages. Learn more about pros and cons of the new iPhone in our HowStuffWorks article, 'How the iPhone Works.'

How Zombie Computers Work

When a hacker makes a zombie computer, he infiltrates an unsuspecting victim's computer and uses it to conduct illegal activities. The user may be unaware that his computer has been taken over. Check out our HowStuffWorks article to learn more.

How Video Game Systems Work

Get a console-by-console update on the developments of the 2008 E3 exposition in this HowStuffWorks podcast, including news on improved online features and expanded memory. Check out our HowStuffWorks article "How Video Game Systems Work" to learn more.

Do I Really Need a Digital Converter Box For My TV?

In an effort to free up radio spectrum for emergency broadcasting and wireless service, the US will switch from analog to digital television on Feb. 17, 2009. Check out our HowStuffWorks article to learn more about how this switch affects your TV.

How Open Source Works

Open source is a way of developing software in which the original developer makes all of the source code available for modification. Learn more about open source software in this HowStuffWorks podcast.

How Moore's Law Works

Each year, manufacturers bring out the next great computer chip that boosts bigger and better computing power. Intel founder Gordon Moore predicted this technology phenomenon more than 35 years ago. This became known as Moore's Law.

What are the Best Video Games That Were Never Made?

The best video games never made is a debate because of the number of great ideas that routinely get canceled. Check out the best video games never made.

Why is the Google Algorithm So Important?

The Google algorithm searches out Web pages that contain keywords you used to search. Learn about the Google algorithm and how the Google algorithm works.

How the Google-Apple Cloud Computer Will Work

The Google-Apple cloud computer is a revolutionary new system in which all programs are stored on a central server. Learn about the Google-Apple cloud computer.