Introducing: Bizography with Dana Barrett

Whether they’re a current shining star, in the midst of a massive dumpster fire or settling into the dust heap of history, iconic companies allhave a past worth knowing. Hosts Dana Barrett and Nick Bean dive into their strange but true stories. Follow Dana on social media @TheDanaBarrett and learn more at www.bizography.show

TechStuff Classic: TechStuff Goes Steampunk

What is steampunk? What are the traits of the steampunk aesthetic? Who are some famous steampunk artists? Join Chris and Jonathan as they take a closer look at steampunk.

What's up with Facebook Libra?

In June, 2019, the Libra Association published a white paper about an upcoming digital currency called Libra, with Facebook playing an important role. What makes Libra special?

Outdated Tech Terms We Still Use

From dialing a phone to making a mix tape, our language is filled with phrases spawned from obsolete tech. We take a look at some listener favorites.

TechStuff Classic: Printing Medication

How has ink jet technology been used to dispense medication? How could a 3-D printer create medicine? In what other ways have printers been used to create medical treatments?

TechStuff Gets in Touch with Touch Screens

What is the history of the touch screen? What are the different ways inventors have designed to make the technology work? 

Is E3 Still Relevant?

It's a question the gaming industry has been asking for a while, fueled partly by some dramatic disagreements within the Entertainment Software Association. Is the E3 trade show still relevant or is it a waste of time and money?

TechStuff Classic TechStuff Hacks the Kinect

How does the Microsoft Kinect work? What's Microsoft's position on hacking the Kinect? What are some of the most creative hacks? Join Jonathan and Chris as they break down the astonishing potential of the Kinect.

Time to Kick Some Asteroid

In June, 2019, the OSIRIS-REx satellite entered an orbit less than 2,500 feet above the asteroid Bennu. In a few years, we might be mining asteroids. How will we do it, and why?

The Story of HowStuffWorks

From its founding in the 90s as a site to demystify the universe to the complicated, present-day structure, we look at Jonathan's employer.